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With our unique one-stop-shop structure, we make life easy and provide affordable services for the independent artist and creative. We've brought video, photography, pr/marketing, event production, and recording services all under one roof to give streamlined service and put you in a great position to make your projects successful.


Our teams are experienced with proven track records in the film, fashion, media, music, design, and the art/creative industries. We're ready to create a project plan and outline implementation strategies to bring your vision for your next project to life.

Production Company

We are proud of the fact that as a full service production company we're able to take your project through pre-production, production, and post production streamlining services from all our departments to make your life easier leaving you to focus on the execution of your vision.

A One-Stop Shop Production Company for Independent Artists & Creatives.


EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION When you choose to work with us we listen to what you need, outline a project plan, and provide you with a timeline so you know exactly when your project will begin and when to expect your deliverables.

Time Saving

Time Saving You no longer need to pray and hope to find qualified people to help you with your project. Our experienced team members are informed with all aspects of your project and work in unison at each crucial step.

Streamlined Services

Streamlined Services Another benefit of having streamlined services is the ability to have each crucial step and milestone of your project outlined and planned for before your projects even starts

fresoil productions

A unique full service production company designed to help independent artists and creatives through pre-production, production, and post production.

fresoil productions →

fresoil pr & marketing

A pr/marketing firm created to meet the needs of the independent artist and creative. We provide research, proactive campaigns, and implement successful marketing strategies.

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fresoil music group

An Artist development label focused on helping independent musicians, solo artists, and bands through each phase of the recording process.

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fresoil event productions

The last and crucial phase of a project that we've streamlined to connect the independent artist and creative to their target demographic.

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fresoil magazine

A monthly online and print publication sharing empowering stories from established and up-and-coming artists in the film, fashion, media, music, design, theatre, and the art/creative industries.

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Productions, Music Groups, the Magazine, PR & Marketing Services, and our Event Productions.


streamlined services

Pre, Pro, and Post Production Services. Videography. Photography. Album Recording. Marketing & Promotions

  • Total choice and flexibility for clients
  • Custom services designed specifically for you
  • Accountability through each phase of your project
  • Centralized and organized project plan
  • Experienced and proven staff

    Click on any of our recent projects to the right to see us in action. We are always looking for unique, fun, and challenging projects to undertake.

    view all of our projects →
  • Audi Spec Commercial

    Check out one of the most fun and exciting projects we've had a chance to develop.

  • IMG Test Shoot

    As a new company we're looking forward to collaborating with some of fashion's biggest agencies and brands.

  • Shadow Connect Lookbook

    As a multi-media production company we pride ourselves in being able to support filmmakers, producers, actors, directors, fashion designers, models, graphic designers, and more.



we're proud of the fact that as a one-stop-shop we can oversee your entire project from concept to distribution. Some of our services include:

  • pre-production
  • production
  • post-production
  • photography
  • album recording
  • public relations
  • marketing and branding
  • event productions


Tilsa Wright

fresoil was necessary and essential and did a great job overseeing the production of my event from start to finish.

Joy Marilie

As an artist it's a challenge finding a credible company with a proven track record that can deliver and thank God I found fresoil!

Carlos Alomar

If you don't push yourself you'll never know where the artistry ends and fresoil is there to support you every step of the way.

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